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Posted by on Jun 29, 2009 in North America, TripJournals |

Pride Travel’s Rocky Mountain Rail Journey Through Canada – Day 4: Leisurely Whistler Monday

Day 4 - Leisurely Whistler Monday

Today began with pastries; phenomenal, crunchy butter croissants that crumbled gently in your mouth. Fresh juices, granola parfaits, smoked salmon, three varieties of eggs, hot sides and just plain goodness. Nathan commented that this was perhaps our best continental breakfast ever. Sure, we’ve had better made to order and hot ‘American’ breakfasts before (our best recently in Meunich), but never such a wide selection of high quality goods so arranged in a ‘cold’ self-service buffet.

We were hoping to ride the ski lift and complete a circuit this morning: up the wizard express to Blackcomb, across the peak to peak to Whistler, and down the Whistler gondola into whistler village in time for our afternoon massage and treatments. Alas, distracted by pastries and fruit parfait, our morning breakfast combined with our 1:30PM spa treatments did no allow for the two to three hours necessary to traverse the mountaintops and take pictures. But, ever optimists, we leave this excursion undone as a reminder of and incentive to visit this quaint ski lodge village once more. Instead, we meander up and down the shops of Whistler Village, gelato in hand. With spa on the brain, our eyes were drawn to a body shop store with bright 50% off signs. Never one to miss a sale, I barreled Nathan over into the store: never let it be said I don’t like shopping, I simply need high enough double digit sales to attract my attention. Two small purchases later (the trip was still young, after all, and we’d already exceeded our quota of body products at H2O just two days prior), we continued meandering. After a brief tussle involving Nathan and the bear-proof garbage bins used around town {sadly I have no pictures!} we made our way to Solarice, the spa straddling the second story of the visitors information building.

Our Spa treatments were quite sublime. To begin, our bodies were scrubbed in a dry exfoliation consisting of special woolen gloves that gently lift the dead skin away. Cleansed, we were frosted with pitch-black Moorish mud mixed with secret herbs and essential oils. My skin was like a sponge, literally sucking in the mud and drinking up the rich soil minerals so much that my therapist noted she had never used so much mud on someone that was not twice my size.

Ah the price we pay for beauty and pampering…. As wonderful as it feels going on, caked Moor mud is a bitch to completely clean and rinse off. Good thing that our next segment included a hot steam bath, where we had an opportunity for the mud to be further diffused into our pores, loosened, and jostled off. Even then, it still took us 10 minutes each in the surround shower nozzles on full blast to completely get the stuff off and it was not a pretty sight. We were rewarded for our efforts with an excellent aromatherapy massage. What a treat to gently inhale light sweet fragrances while these two proficient experts worked their trade to work out and work away our knots and tired muscles. I always say that the best sign of an excellent massage is one where a therapist can get you so relaxed, you literally fall asleep as they knead and work your muscles. A testament to my therapist, I caught myself snoring slightly halfway through. Amazing, sleeping through a deep tissue massage.

Thoroughly relaxed and gelatinized, we wrap up our afternoon by heading through the village for one last purchase. Nathan had his eye on a crystalline piece of meteorite that he absolutely had to have, so we returned to the gemological and crystal store to purchase the round dollar-sized metallic relic. I have laid down the law, however: if he starts glowing in the dark or sprouts another arm, that alien rock has got to go.

Of course, our meandering would not be complete without another round of gelato, this time from a second vendor on the other side of the village but equally yummy. Our cooling desert provided a soothing contrast to our spa day. Bliss permeating through our bodies, we made our way back to the Chateau for evening canapés which consisted of very light Italian fare. In contrast to our beef filet and chicken Satay sticks and huge pot stickers the evening prior, this evening’s snacks consisted of tomato and mozzarella on a skewer, two Italian pancetta and prosciutto flatbread pizzas, and prosciutto y (water)melon. Desert consisted of apple, blueberry jam, and pecan tarts. We decide to pack in a few servings and skip dinner and check in for the evening. Tomorrow, after all, is a 5:30 wakeup call.

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