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Posted by on Aug 12, 2011 in *Hot*, News & Press Releases |

PRIDE Travel blog being retired, website to be revamped

PRIDE Travel blog being retired, website to be revamped

Pride TravelTo anyone reading this (which granted is still possible since this will syndicate on RSS to facebook and eventually twitter), we’re retiring the PRIDE Travel blog. We’re also laying down digital tarp on our website for renovation and overhaul which is why it hasn’t been updated either (sorry about the expired travel info!)

After one year of not posting ANY new blog entries, it’s more than overdue. Actually, since most our blog posts are quite Thorough (Monica Poling, online editor of TravelAge West magazine, please note the capital T), to say the least, they never were ‘bloggish’ but more online magazine and PR releases combined.

Today, I ran across the last posting on the blog of Carlo Alcos, the editor of Matador Network’s Brave New Traveler channel. He posted four months after inactivity to let his readers know that he’s moved on to bigger and better things, namely to edit BNT for Matador, and I was inspired.

So why the sudden halt on the blog and website? Primarily, we’ve been so focused in the travel agency on client business, and online in social media (our facebook page is still active and growing). We’ve also been traveling more. Most important: our lead writer (yours truly) and photographer (Nathan) have been publishing full-fledged travel articles like crazy. Take a peek at my online profile with NATJA -the North American Travel Journalist’s Association- for links to my work and you’ll see. Why, even today, my new article on Thailand’s northern cuisine and temple in Chiang Mai was just published by TravelAge West.

So, in the great tradition that mimicry is the best flattery, Carlo, with this post I salute you!